A genuine hospitality experience in Imerovigli!

Enjoy the charm of staying in Kasimatis by La Perla!

Kasimatis by La Perla in Imerovigli, Santorini is a family run suite complex on a privileged location with gorgeous views to the caldera and the serene Aegean Sea. The Kasimatis family has owned for generations the canava, which was once used to store the wine as it matured; today this canava has been renovated into an exquisite suite complex that maintains the traditional architecture and unique characteristics of Santorini, but at the same time offers high standards of accommodation.

Kasimatis by La Perla stays true to the genuine architectural style of Santorini; thick whitewashed walls with bold lines, simple shapes and details in stone and grey; images that blend with the wilderness of Santorini and its fierce beauty. Each suite features a large private patio overlooking the peacefulness of the Aegean, where, engulfed in the sweet fragrance of flowers and the calmness of the locale you can enjoy the mystifying magnificence of the Santorinian sunsets.

What tops it all up, what truly transforms this facility into a memorable accommodation experience though, is the amiable hospitality of the hosts, the Kasimatis family; with their Cycladic brio they will welcome you as friends, and with their discreet professionalism they will make sure that nothing will disrupt your holidays. The Kasimatis by La Perla experience of Santorini is one that will remain in your fondest memories forever!